Kamakura Sight-seeing Taxi

Welcome to Kamakura.

Enjoy your stay in Kamakura by using taxi effectively.
Fare: First:up to 1.2km 500yen addition:up to 272m 100yen waiting: 1m40sec 100yen
*Taxi meter goes by distance and time.
Rough fare (from West gate of Kamakura st.)
・Daibutsu (Great Buddha) 800~900yen
・Zeniarai-benten shrine 700yen
・Houkoku-ji(bamboo Temple) 1300yen

If your visit to Kamakura is first, taxi is helpful for your sight-seeing.
We have plans to visit some famous temples and shrines. (2 hours~)
*order plan available (2 hours~)
Houkoku-temple ( known as bamboo garden) with a beautiful bamboo forest behind main hall.
Great Buddha   second tallest bronz Buddha in Japan which built in the 13th century.
Hase temple   one of the oldest temples in Kamakura which houses gold-leafed Kan-non Bosatu with eleven faces
Zeni-arai Benten shrine  built in the 12th century which credited by the superstition with the power of enrichment

Cost : 3310yen every till 30 minutes
*notice : admission and parking fee are extra-charged

Kamakura Smile Taxi TEL 0467-40-5370  (Ask and Reservation)